ONLY EYEBROWS 1 technique
POWDER or OMBRE to choose from
3 days Basic Permanent Make Up Training

This training covers 1 technique on eyebrows Permanent Make Up and gives you the knowledge and practice needed to start to work independently straight after completing this training.
ALL trainings are fully accredited!

This training 3 days long.

First day

  • skin anatomy and physiology
  • contraindications to the treatment
  • consultation forms
  • health and safety
  • theory of colors
  • Fitzpatrick skin photo type scale
  • pigments description
  • needles
  • numbing creams
  • after care

Second day

  • perfect design on eyebrows, different techniques of measuring
  • Powder Eyebrows technique explanation, work on fake skin
  • Ombre Eyebrows Technique explanation, work on fake skin

Third day

  • Technique explanation on the demo model
  • Student works independently on 1 model

To book €500 deposit is required. If you would like to split the payment then on first day of training you will be asked to pay €2500, The second week you will be asked the pay the balance.