3D Areola and Nipple cosmetic reconstructive tattoo

3D Areola and Nipple cosmetic reconstructive tattoo.

Price on request.

Please note this treatment is part of great initiative „Pay with a Smile“.
It means that is free or of significantly reduced charge for cancer patients.

The aim of tatooing the reconstructed breast is to create the optical effect of 3d nipple-areaola complex.
This is a very popular option among women who’ve undergone breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy in breast cancer.

This tatoo is hyperrealistic.
It is made by depositing different colors of pigment just beneath the outer layer of the skin.
To create this type of tattoo i use medical grade Clinita pigments created by Rita Molinaro specifically for cancer survivors. I am also trained by Rita herself, as she is definitively one of the greatest specialists in this field.

Cancer survivors are amazing strong women who went through a lot already. Unfortunately after their surgeries, chemotherapy, hair loss, rebuilding, some of these women are left struggling with their body image. Recreating areolas for them is about giving confidence to those women to feel whole again. It is a great priviledge to impact someone’s life in such a positive way.

With this type of tatoo i can create completely new 3d areolas or color correct previous nipple tattoos that have faded or have undesiderable colors.