Finelines Tattoo


Finelines tattoos consist of crisp, clean and very detailed lines. This technique is new to the market but its popularity is increasing among the biggest european cities. It stays in contrast to the thick and bold lines of traditional tattoos.

These tattoos have incredible levels of detail build in.

They are simply small pieces of art, so precise, that resemble pieces drawn onto skin with a technical pen.
I make them usually in black and grey but i actually love adding a hint of color, that makes them super unique.
If you‘re looking for an elegant, discreet and private tattoo then this is definitively your best choice.

What do you need to know before getting it done?

  • have a good idea of the design you want and where do you want it; best place is where the skin doesnt stretch too much over the time, so the original design doesnt get too blurred; great platform to look up for ideas : Instagram or Pinterest… options are endless….
  • getting it done doesn’t hurt!

    Obviously it all depends from how big is the design and where it is applied, but, as i use 1 single needle, the pain sensation is very limited;

  • it heals in no time!

    Using 1 single needle leaves minimal trauma to the skin. After the treatment the skin might be a little red…You will be given all aftercare instruction on the day of the treatment.

  • do they fade?

    As they consist of thin lines they will fade a bit over the time, but don’t worry, as soon as they start to fade you can get them redone

This particular tattoo technique looks great even when the color gets a little lighter 😀

Fineline Tattoo

from €120 up

Individual price for each design