Permanent Make Up

Permanent Make Up

Permanent make up is an art of carefully implementing pigment in the first layer of skin in order to emphasize face features such as eyebrows, eyeliner, lips.

This treatment can help people who want to save the time spent on a daily make-up process but also can help people who cannot do make-up themselves due to different problems with their vision ability. It is a great alternative for people with various imperfections such as cleft pallet, scars, or for people who suffer from alopecia or have gone thru oncological treatments and are dealing with lost eyebrows or lash line I became affascinated by the new treatment possibilites for those who are trying to regain self esteem or want to emphasize natural beauty ,and for entire 3 years I travelled the whole Europe to train with the biggest and best Artists. I have over 20 different Certificates in Permanent Make Up to provide only the best treatments done with the newest techniques on the market.

I am highly experienced in:

Hair strokes, Powder and Ombre Eyebrows Classic, Shaded , Butterfly and Stardust Eyeliner Natural and Ombre full Lips, Lip Liner, Shaded Lips


Consultation free of charge

This is when we discuss the best technique for your needs, when we choose the right color, when we make a predesign so you can absolutely relax before the date of your treatment.

Remember, you are in good hands!

What you should know before booking for permanent make up treatment:

  • Before booking an appointment please make sure you are healthy, we cannot proceed with the treatment if you have any type of bacterial or viral infection such as cold or flu or even runny nose, or when you have an active cold sore on your lips.
  • We cannot do eyeliner or eyebrows when you use product as Revitalash… conditioner for hair growth….You must stop using it and wait 6 months before making an appointment.
  • if you are pregnant you must wait with the appointment till 3 months after giving birth. Hormones may influence the result of the treatment.
  • if you just had Botox treatment done you must wait 2 weeks before making an appointment.
  • If you just had your lip fillers done you must wait 1 month before having permanent make up done on that area.
  • Diabetics can have the treatment done after a written consent from the doctor.
  • People that recently have gone thru oncological treatments can absolutely have the permanent make up done…I believe it makes such a difference to look good again after such a hard time…but they must have good blood results and written consent from their doctor as after chemotherapy they are prone to infections and pigment might not take in a proper way.
  • If you suffer from any disease that makes you take medication on a daily basis you must know that sometimes permanent make up is impossible, or if it is, then pigment might not take or last good, it might change color as well. It is very important that you tell me everything about your health condition.
  • if you take blood thinners your veins are very fragile and prone to excessive bleeding, please let me know about them so I can choose the right technique for you.
  • you cannot have permanent make up done if you are using steroid or retinol products. You must wait 6 months after your therapy is finished.
  • please plan you sunny hollidays minimum 1 moth after the procedure.

How to prepare yourself before the treatment?


please do not plug or tint your eyebrows 2 weeks before the treatment. I want to see their natural color and hair growth to give you maximum natural effect. One moth before the treatment you must stop acid peels as skin must have time to regenerate. Botox must be done minimum 2 weeks before the treatment.


before the treatment you must take the lash extensions off. The treatment is not possible when you are using products as Revitalash or any other conditioner for hair growth.


Lips must be well moisturized before the treatment so I advise to make a homemade peel ( honey and sugar) 3 days before and plenty of lip balm. If you suffer with cold sores or Herpex Simplex please inform me when making an appointment so I will remind you about preventing the outbreak by taking antiviral tablets. If you just had a cold sore you must wait about 1 month for the skin to fully recover. Please do not drink alcohol or cafe 24 hours before and after treatment. Please do not take Aspririne 48 hours before the treatment.

After the treatment:

The color will be very much more intense first few days of healing. After the treatment you will get all instructions about your aftercare, it is extremely important as the healed result depends of your cooperation 