About Us

Enormous wishes probably won’t come true overnight,
Even if you do everything in your power to make them come true…
Focus on making those small wishes come true overnight
So that you can gradually fulfill your true,
Final wish overtime…

I started my journey, did you…?

I am an artistic soul but also a professional and experienced Permanent Make Up Artist and Lash Stylist, who absolutely loves what I do. I am also an Italian teacher and translator which helped me to train many times in Biotek Permanent Make Up Academy in Milan and now, to start my cooperation with another fantastic Italian brand Clinita.

How did it all begin?

I started 10 years ago getting an ITEC Certificate in Make Up Artistry and one year later another ITEC Qualification as a nail technician. I committed myself to work straight away and got many loyal clients due to the fact I was very precise and creative. Soon expanded with another qualification and my big love – lash extensions. Again I worked very hard to succeed and in short time I gained a good reputation also in that area. All of that happened because I was genuine, communicative, focused, trustworthy and respectful for my customers. I simply enjoyed working with people, listening to their stories. Sometimes I’m still going back to those memories even if I stopped doing nails completely…. I loved my job but I soon realised that nail art will never give me a complete satisfaction, it was simply not enough… Since I remember I always loved to draw and paint. I think that skill is in my genes as my mother graduated from Art School…

One evening, doing a charcoal portrait for my friend, drawing her eyebrows on a piece of paper I got an idea, that I could actually do it for real, for good, on real faces…. It was very spontaneous…but I listened to my gut. That’s how it all began….

I started to look into the Permanent Make Up Artistry and soon booked my first course. It was hard, it was complicated. Wasn’t easy just like I thought it would be. It was also full of small mistakes…but I am very persistent.

I do not give up.

I became very motivated when I received my first feedback from clients. They all loved it! That convinced me to believe in my skills. I became very motivated and for entire 3 years I travelled the whole Europe to train with the biggest and best Artists. Some of them became my friends. I have over 25 different Certificates only in Permanent Make Up…

It gave me such an enthusiasm because all of them pointed at my determination, my passion, my precision, my creative imagination and my talent. I was truly overwhelmed… I started to create pieces of art for my clients, because I focused on small and continued improvement of my skills. I never focused on being busy…I focused on being productive…

I am happy with every single client that comes to me. All of them bring a new challenge to overcome. I treat them all with respect and care. I listen to them… They are my passion, my joy, part of my life! With every single permanent make up on eyebrows, lips or eyeliner I am trying to create a natural and beautiful effect that suits them best. I pay great attention to details and I put all my heart in each work of art I create! Every single woman is just like a diamond that needs just a touch to shine. I’m not going to lie that my absolute favorite area in permanent make up is lips

I spent the last few months before moving to new premises in Drogheda focusing on getting Qualifications as a Permanent Make Up and Lash Extensions Teacher. Now, almost 2 years later I can honestly say it was my best decision ever. I enjoy teaching permanent make up just as much as working with my Clients every day.

All courses I have in offer are ACCREDITED and worked to the very best detail, so I can give you something very unique.

After courses done in my Academy you can take next step and do VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Micropigmentation!

Over 6 months ago I decided i must do something special , different that my everyday routine, to impact someones’s life in a positive way. I decided to learn Areola and Nipple reconstructive medical tatoo to help women after breast cancer.

Cancer survivors are amazing strong women who went thru a lot already. After the surgeries, chemotherapy, hair loss, rebuilding, some of them are left struggling with body image. I decided this is my new role, helping them to feel whole again.

I decide this treatment will be free of chargé for cancer survivors. This is the way im giving back all that what i was blessed with in my life.

If you want to start a new career or upgrade your skills I strongly invite you to my Academy, where we:

  • Focus on commitment
  • Seek knowledge
  • Make the journey fun
  • Use our imagination to get to perfection And we view our mistakes as lessons, not as an excuse to give up!!

I cannot wait to meet you all my dear Clients and Students!

Marta Szewczyk.