Katarzyna Pawlowska

Known as „Queen of Lips“
Creator of 2 PMU Lips techniques: „Ombre Lips Flower Effect“ and „ Sfumato Lips“

Extremely experienced Artist with few thousands treatments behind. Trainer with hundreds of satisfied students.
Speaker at PMU Conferences all over Europe and Asia, author of many articles , member of jury in PMU Championships.
Based in Poland , owner of Hebe Day Spa in Torun, founder and trainer in Permanent Make Up Academy signed with her own name, official distributor of Clinita pigments in Poland.

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Kasia Schmidt

Finelines Tattoo Artist
One of most experienced Artist in this particular Tatoo technique that stays in contrast to the thick and bold lines of traditional tattoos.

Kasia shares her knowledge and passion for Finelines Tattoo on Workshops in many european countries as well as on Pmu Conferences and Beauty Shows.
Since 2009 based and operating in Germany own name, official distributor of Clinita pigments in Poland.

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Ewelina Kuflowska

Cosmetologist with many years of experience.
Specialist in Lips micropigmentation with the focus on reconstruction of different deformities as cleft lip.
Awarded with Best PMU Artist Title.
Owner of Monevi Academy in United Kingdom.

Monika Kuflowska

Author of many techniques in eyebrows permanent make up such as POWDER BROWS and INSTABROWS.
Champion at Milan Biotek World’s Championship in 2018.
Recognised with Pro Artist and Pro Teacher Award thanks to many students trained under her eye.
Awarded for excellent work by best PMU Artists such as Oksana Martynenko or Ruben Kasper aka BROW DADDY.
Owner and Trainer in MONEVI in Krakow Poland.