Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are becoming a popular trend as everyday women are using them to dramatically enhance their look and to safe some time during make up application.

Technically, eyelash extensions are the process of isolating a single hair of eyelashes and applying an extension to that individual hair (one hair not few!), not the skin! The extension stays on the eyelash until that lash naturally sheds. When done correctly the extensions should not damage your natural lashes at all. Eyelash extensions will give you a full, long, dark, curled lashes look with absolutely no mascara. Extensions will allow you to wake up looking refreshed and ready to go and are perfect for holidays break when you may want to wear little make up.

I have over 6 years of experience any many loyal clients so you can be absolutely sure your lashes are in good hands

Classic extensions 1+1€55
Refills up to 3 weeks time 40€

Volume lashes give you more definition as I will create fans of 2 to 4 lashes or 6 to 8 lashes and I will apply them on your 1 natural lash.

Light volume lashes 2-4 d €70
Refills up to 3 weeks time 55€

Heavy volume Russian 6-8d €85
Refills up to 3 weeks time €70

Refills are advisable up to 3 weeks time after first application, after that time price will depend of the state of the lashes, full price might be applicable.

Please do not wear heavy make eye up on the day of your procedure.